Biography and Social Art

Biography is researching ones own life for common threads. Why did I end up here? How could I go on from here?


These questions can be looked at comprehensively in a conversation and through artistic approaches.


With the connection to your own biography you will find all the tools needed to step into an unknown future.


Watch the introduction video and get inspired.


Kinesiology in a tool to enter into a dialogue with the unconscious level of the body. This dialogue can be felt with the help of muscle tests. Touch for Health (TfH) forms the basis for most kinesiological techniques.


Careful conversation forms the foundation of my work. Naturopathy focuses on the whole person and asks for individual treatment. Mother tinctures, Bach flowers or occasionally cupping are faithful companions in the treatment. The interaction between people and the various techniques give a clear picture of how things can go on.



Courses and Lectures

A series of new lectures will start in 2024. First it will be about the seven year cycles. Temperaments and the 12 Senses  are also themes to come. 


If you like a lecture in english, let me know. With a group of 6 and up I am happy to offer special dates. 


No previous knowledge required!