Markus Jeppesen

After my three year training as a kinesiologist at the Institut de Wild I am part of the team since 2008. I  also work as a Primary School Teacher in Binningen since 1997.


One of the focuses in my kinesiological work is taking care of the issues of school children and young people. As a Primary School Teacher I know the school's requirements well for the pupils and am able to address the problems of the children. My focus is, to find out together with the children and their parents what is needed is in terms of learning. It is intended to  learn how to recognize and dismantle its blockages with regard to concentration, reading, writing or calculating in order to return to school in a more relaxed and motivated way.


In addition to work with school children, I am also kinesiologically accompanying adults in the areas of stress relief and stress management, solving blockages, relaxation and emotional balance.