Anne de Wild

  • 1998 I graduated as  Naturopath at the "Akademie für Naturheilkunde" in Basel.
  • 1998 I also graduated as Kinesiologist.
  • In 2016 I graduated with a special examination in Traditional European Naturopathy TEN, the highest possible degree for Naturopath in Switzerland. The title that comes with it is "Naturheilpraktiker mit eidegnössischem Diplom in Traditionelle Europäische Naturheilkunde TEN", which I will probably avoid to use because of its incredible length.
  •  2019 I graduated in Biography and Social Art at the Center of Biography ans Social Art in Spring Valley, NY.


My passion is the human being and the story that comes with it. How ones life is connected to oneself is an unfolding mystery and to descover the threads leads to an inner strength and courage in striving for the individual unfolding. Biography work can adjust the inner compass and increases the social engagement through self-discovery. Together with being a Naturopath and Kinesiogoly I can offer a individual path to discover the questions a client might bring.