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Biography and Social Art

Kinesiology in a tool to enter into a dialogue with the unconscious level of the body. This dialogue can be felt with the help of muscle tests. Touch for Health (TfH) forms the basis for most kinesiological techniques. Everyone can learn TfH, intergrate it into their personal little medical chest or incorporate it into their profession as a supplement. Touch for Health courses are available on request.

I graduated for Naturopath in 1998. In 2016 Switzerland decided to set the standard of Naturopaths nationally at the level of a higher technical school. I am now authorized to use the following professional title:

Naturopath with a federal diplom in Traditional European Naturopathy TEN.


The careful dialogue forms the foundation of my work. Mother tinctures are faithful companions in treatment.


You are very welcome to make an appointment!

This year I will start another series of lectures about life cycles based on ones own biography. Everyone is welcome and no prior knowledge is required! The lectures are on Monday and Fridays and currently in german but there is an option to do an english version on Mondays.

You should register each time as it only takes place with at least 6 participants.


Biography is researching ones own life for common threads. Why did I end up here? How could I go on from here?


These questions can be looked at comprehensively in a conversation and through artistic approaches.


There will be an introduction morning in February, where you can find out more about this work. Here!